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Welcome to the
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Policy Page

Maintained by the CCN Policy Committee

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| User Agreement |  | Neighbourhood Account Agreement |
| Chebucto Society By-LawsAnnual Reports of Committee |
| Domain and Sub-Domain Name Usage Policy |
| Draft Acceptable Use PolicyDraft Commercial Use Policy |

Note: All complaints are held in strict confidence and it's important to include your email address when identifying a problem. You must include a valid email address in the "return" field of your complaint.

We hope that you have taken the time to read the various FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) applying to general internet usage. Guidelines and acceptable behaviour documents are available throughout the internet.

Here on Chebucto we have a master document, our User Agreement that you signed when you applied for your Chebucto account. It's a legally binding agreement between you and the Chebucto Community Net. While it's not very specific about particular actions or behaviours, it does give Chebucto some wide discretionary authority to take action against anyone who causes problems on the internet through a Chebucto account.

Having said that, it's important to point out that Chebucto supports freedom of expression. We're hesitant to take punitive action against a user in all but the most blatant cases of internet abuse.

Some of the abuses we see on a regular basis are "spamming", multi level marketing schemes, pyramid schemes, unsolicited commercial email, personal sexual harassment and inappropriate usenet newsgroup postings.

Very few activities would require an account suspension. In most cases of an abuse, a simple email from Chebucto administration is enough to cause an account holder to stop whatever they are doing.

We suggest that you read the documents at the top of this page to familiarize yourself with the legally binding User Agreement and Chebucto Society By-Laws and the suggested guidelines of the rest of the documents.